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TeckGenie has dedicated engineers to design and develop any kind of customized embedded electronic product required for your organizations to increase your productivity and automate the day to day processes.

This Stream of Engineering includes few examples., Like,

  • Gate Automation - This solution automates the gates to open and close when a specific vehicle / car / person arrives and signals.
  • Irrigation automation - This solutions automates the irrigation to the farming depending on the moist in the soil also depending on the scheduled times.
  • Lighting automation - This Solutions automates the lights when the natural intensity of the light falls beyond a set value.
  • Objects Counter - This Solutions automates counting of objects / Persons / Vehicles based of various technologies.  

This stream of engineering finds its focus on industries, farming, Health Care, Server Rooms, Small Scale Factories, Education Sectors Etc. We work against all kind of customization as per the requirements of Clients.